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Reading and Drawing Legal Descriptions - for the Geographically Impaired

8 clock hours

Jeanine W Johnson
Cost: $249.00
Learn the Public Land Survey; Metes and Bounds Descriptions; Plat Maps; Land Surveys; the nuts and bolts of Condominiums; Townhouses; Common Interest Communities and Timeshares. Learn to watch for gaps and overlaps in descriptions and how "layers" of land - surface, subsurface and air rights can be sold. Recognize Limited Common Elements; comm
Description: Reading and Drawing Legal Descriptions is perfect for the geographically impaired. :) The printed text follows along with PowerPoint slides that provide visual examples of how the descriptions are derived from written text, and how those descriptions could be identified and/or drawn out on paper or a map.

With this class, Legal Descriptions are puzzles you'll soon learn to solve!

You will learn to follow descriptions on a survey or map. You will recognize metes and bounds legal descriptions from written text and be able to identify possible gaps and overlaps. Recognize valid descriptions and learn the legal requirements for townhouses, condominiums, timeshares, cooperatives and common interest communities. This course is a core competency for abstractors, title examiners, county recorders, title insurers, or those who regularly work with legal descriptions.